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etcd server password leak shodan search engine

How “Hacker Search Engine” Shodan Caught Leakage of 750MB Worth Of Server Passwords

Remember Memcached servers? Now, we have another case of servers exposed online and fulfilling evil intentions of the hackers. This time, thousands of etcd...

MIT’s New Device Harvests Water From Dry Air In Desert

The accessibility of drinking-water is a major concern throughout the world especially in arid regions with extremely low humidity levels. In a path-breaking development, MIT...

This Algorithm Can Simulate Our Brain At 100%, But No Supercomputer Can Run It

Scientific minds have always tried to figure out ways to bring brain's processing capabilities to computers. Creating algorithms that can simulate the human brain and...
facebook shared data with researcher

Facebook Gave Data Dump Of 57 Billion Friendships To Cambridge Researcher

After the much discussed Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook has broken all its ties with the Cambridge University researcher Aleksandr Kogan. In his defense, Kogan has...

10 Best File Sharing Apps For Android Smartphones In 2018

Innovating efficient software for transferring files between devices has always been a challenging task for developers. Wireless transfer of files has evolved from using IR...
streaming services india

8 Best Video Streaming Services In India For Your Binge Watching In 2018

If we talk about the streaming services market in India, the last couple of years have witnessed a massive explosion in the number of...